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ניהול חברת נדל”ן בעידן המודרני
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Virtual Number Israel

If you are seeking an Israel Virtual Number then you have found the solution. We at FirstCall provide a wide range of Virtual Numbers in which you can select your prefix. Once selected all you have to do is confirm which number you wish the allocated Virtual Number Israel to be re-directed to: Landline or Mobile. It’s That Simple! Virtual Number Israel Click Here for full details & Price

The Israel virtual number includes an Internet system with a management and statistics interface with smart capabilities that allows you to receive reports online such as tracking incoming calls, details of calls, recording calls, tracking and changes and more

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We at FirstCall have been providing for over 15 years Israel Live Telephone Answering & Business Solutions.

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Require a Star number ? A Star number is a premium gold number which is only 4 digit long.

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Virtual Chat, IVR, SMS Marketing, Vocalist Services and more

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The Monthly Charge is only 35 NIS, with a one-off setup charge of 60 NIS and your ready to go. Activation of the line takes between 24/48 hours.

We recommend taking advantage like many of our clients of a custom business melody which is 299 NIS one-off. Click Here for example

The upgrade option is Virtual Number IVR which will allow callers to hear extentions and be re-directed depending on the settings. This service is 79 NIS Monthly rather than 35 NIS which is just the basic option.

Your welcome to contact our friendly representativesto discuss your requirements and setup  +972 509 5509 or

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